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Asi@Connect National Launch Event in Bangladesh


 Asi@Connect project launched at national level in Bangladesh to help bridge the digital divide across Asia-Pacific 


30th October 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Asi@Connect inaugurated today at event title 'Asi@Connect Bangladesh Launch Event 2017' in Bangladesh to seamlessly extend and further build on the successful Trans-Euraisa Information Network (TEIN) initiative. 


Following the formal inauguration of the project at regional level in February 2017 in New Delhi during APAN43, this national launch event in Bangladesh was hosted by the Asi@Connect partner BdREN, with representatives from Stakeholder Institutions and overseas RENs, Government officials, International Development Agency, who welcomed the national kick-off of the Asi@Connect project in Bangladesh and encouraged the R&E network community to build on achievements to date and further strengthen cooperation between Asia and Europe.



The main target of the launching event was to create awareness on Asi@connect project among the researchers, educationists, government officials and other stakeholders. The Chief Guest, Professor Dr. Gowher Rizvi stated, “Today knowledge is not local, whatever knowledge we produce, instantly it is accessible from anywhere around the world.  Asia@connect enables us, facilitate us to be able to jointly produce knowledge in collaboration with all the different people. Just as a joint perspective, multiple perspectives are required for research.”


TEIN has created a pan-Asia-Pacific regional network with the largest geographical footprint in the world, and with a user community of over 50 million. This is of equal scale to Europe’s user community served by the GÉANT network. BdREN connects to the regional TEIN backbone at speeds of 45Mbps, enabling closer collaboration between its researchers and educators and their colleagues around the globe. The process is ongoing to upgrade this capacity to 1 Gbps.  Researchers in Bangladesh are relying on the advanced high-speed TEIN research network to collaborate with their colleagues in Asia Pacific & Europe in the field of Education & Research. 

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